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Founded by one of the first TikTok employees in Europe, our marketing experts have insider knowledge on how TikTok works and have mastered new marketing and e-commerce livestreaming tools that have only recently launched on TikTok.

Leveraging our full-service marketing experience and unrivaled TikTok know-how and resources, we help brands around the world harness the power of TikTok through authentic, captivating and data-driven content and campaigns.

Your brand story belongs on TikTok.

TikTok is more than just posting videos. It's the perfect medium to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate leads and drive sales.

Why Us?

As a marketing agency with a dedicated focus on helping brands succeed on TikTok, we are experts in the short-form video space and excel at online amplification by creating experiences people want to be a part of and share the second their fingers reach their phones.

Founded by one of the earliest TikTok employees in Europe, our team of TikTok marketing specialists have insider knowledge of how TikTok works and to help ambitious brands engage Gen Z and Millennials.

Through our unrivalled expertise and in-depth understanding of the TikTok platform algorithms, we create captivating content, scale engagement and drive the best possible ROI for every campaign.

By analyzing TikTok's further developed sister app Douyin, our experts are able to test and master new marketing tools before anyone else can, as well as predict future changes to the TikTok platform. This allows us to provide clients with future-oriented strategy plans to help them seize upcoming opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

For each project, we build a unique team of TikTok experts that complements our client's skillset with comprehensive knowledge of their respective key markets, industry and target audience.

How we work

Harness the power of TikTok through engaging and ROI-focused campaigns tailored to your business' needs.

We excel at online amplification by creating experiences people want to be a part of and share half way through a first viewing. Our strategies focus on creating authentic, story-driven campaigns that live on well after the campaign is over. By infusing your core messaging into all aspects of the campaign, we create key strategy points geared toward distribution and promotion - optimized for brand recognition and conversion.

Our Services

From bespoke content creation to full service influencer marketing campaigns; from regular ad management to live-streaming e-commerce, we drive results whilst requiring little of your own leg work.

Let us help you turn your TikTok account into a quality lead generation engine, so your videos don't just drive traffic but ensure sustained growth and increased ROI.

Influencer recording a TikTok video of her using a beauty product.

Influencer Campaigns

A successful campaign encourages meaningful engagement from your business’ key demographic. We get people talking on a global scale by partnering with influencers of every category, tier, and country and provide you with end-to-end influencer marketing solutions to increase brand awareness and drive sales. From campaign strategy to influencer selection, content creation, execution and reporting, we've got you covered.  

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Paid Media

With the highest impression numbers and engagement levels of all social media platforms, TikTok offers exceptional opportunities for outsized ROAS on ad campaigns. We help you leverage TikTok's unparalleled engagement and drive superior results for your paid media spend. We create ad campaigns that resonate and convert with end-to-end solutions, from strategy planning and content creation, to execution and reporting.

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People working in front of their laptops, discussing content strategies for TikTok.

Content Production & Strategy

We create authentic, engaging and data-driven content that gets to the heart and soul of your brand story. Our team will continuously create, refine and refresh your video content to drive meaningful engagement and interaction. Through captivating short-form videos that are both unique and on-trend we connect your brand with users around the globe and leave long-lasting impressions.

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An influencer sitting in front of her laptop, with a close rack behind her and a ring light in front of her, preparing for doing an e-commerce livestream on TikTok.

E-Commerce Livestreaming

Get your product on the TikTok Shop and drive revenue directly from social engagement with unmatched ease. We connect you with suitable influencers and live-streamers to get your product on their TikTok shops and in their live-streaming studios. Through real-time interaction they will be able to directly promote your product to their followers and viewers while we interpret your growth and sales with periodic reports and track the stats.

Someone working on his laptop.

Account Management

Our social media experts will not just cultivate your following, but create true connections with your audience through personal interaction. Besides ensuring consistent engagement via video content, they will reply to comments and interact with users to grow your account, whilst harvesting genuine relationships. Through consistent engagement, fans will then be converted from followers to customers and even brand ambassadors.

People doing the piece sign and holding their fingers together in a circle to form a star.

Team Building

Increase your team's skill-set whilst providing them with interactive workshops, which not only enhance rapports, but build confidence within your team, boosting both spirits and shared abilities in the sphere of TikTok marketing and content creation. We aim to provide that just-right balance between the acquisition of vital business knowledge and a fully-rounded engaging experience for your troupe.

Are you already working with another agency?

We understand that you might already have effective relationships with other digital marketing and social media agencies in place. So why not ask them to join our partner agency program? We will integrate with their team to complement your existing partner's skillset with TikTok specific expertise.


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"We have been working with Dimension 6 on two paid media and influencer campaigns. We are impressed with the quick turn around and the results of both campaigns. Thanks to their wonderful team and support, our pop-up shop in Mayfair has been a great success. We were able to increase brand awareness and double our sales over just 4 weeks. "

Yueqi & Candice
Founders of Fantasy Inn

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