Why TikTok?

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is the leading destination for short-form videos. It is also the first social network that is primarily based on a content-graph instead of a social-graph. This structure means that videos uploaded to TikTok are not just visible to acquaintances and friends, but are also seen by billions of users interested in your videos’ content.
In other words: With the right strategy, your content can quickly reach a worldwide audience, even with little to no followers. This safeguards TikTok's spot in every businesses' toolbelt - cementing it as the platform holding the most opportunities for successful online marketing and driving growth and conversion.

Although this unique structure and visibility allows new accounts to grow rapidly, it requires users to create high quality content consistently in order to maintain engagement and continue to grow.

We help brands and creators to overcome these difficulties by using our expertise to create captivating content and campaigns aimed at making long-lasting impressions, winning hearts and changing behaviors.

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About Us

As a marketing agency with a dedicated focus on helping brands succeed on TikTok, we are experts in the short-form video space and excel at online amplification by creating experiences people want to be a part of and share the second their fingers reach their phones.

Founded by one of the earliest TikTok employees in Europe, our team of TikTok marketing specialists have insider knowledge of how TikTok works and to help ambitious brands engage Gen Z and Millennials.

Through our unrivalled expertise and in-depth understanding of the TikTok platform algorithms, we create captivating content, scale engagement and drive the best possible ROI for every campaign.

By analyzing TikTok's further developed sister app Douyin, our experts are able to test and master new marketing tools before anyone else can, as well as predict future changes to the TikTok platform. This allows us to provide clients with future-oriented strategy plans to help them seize upcoming opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

For each project, we build a unique team of TikTok experts that complements our client's skillset with comprehensive knowledge of their respective key markets, industry and target audience.

With a focus on data-driven, lead generation, lead nurturing, demand generation and content marketing - we can tailor the perfect TikTok strategy for you.

By using advanced marketing funnels, we scale your customer acquisitions through three key stages; awareness, engagement, and conversion to transform your most engaged prospects into customers. First, we first raise awareness amongst your target audience. Then we encourage them to engage with different types of content, through influencer campaigns, fueled with organic and paid ads. Finally, your target audience is served with conversion-driven content using direct calls-to-action.

Our Founder

Katharina joined TikTok in 2018 as one of the company’s first employees in Europe. During her time in the PR & Marketing department, she was responsible for preparing information to communicate platform developments across TikTok's key markets in Europe.

To better understand platform changes, she started to take a closer look at TikTok's further developed Chinese sister app Douyin.

Being fluent in Mandarin, she was able to familiarize herself with the more advanced in-app services and tools available on Douyin. By looking at the development of Douyin over time and the differences in both platforms, she could predict future updates on TikTok and use in-app functions that were so far only available to the Chinese audience.

Using her business and marketing knowledge as well as her understanding of the app's algorithm, she started her own Douyin account in 2019 and grew her audience to over half a million followers within the first year.

Since 2018, she has been able to use and master marketing and e-commerce livestreaming tools that have only recently launched on TikTok.  

In 2021, she parted ways with TikTok and started Dimension 6 to share her insider knowledge with brands and creators and help them successfully build their marketing strategy for TikTok.


The short-form video app Douyin is owned by TikTok’s parent company Bytedance and was launched in China in 2016. After it’s success in China, Bytedance decided to launch an almost exact copy of the app for international users worldwide - TikTok. Due to its 2 year head start, Douyin has always been ahead of TikTok in terms of in-app functionality and services. By looking at the development of Douyin and its functions launched over time, our experts are able to make educated predictions on future developments on TikTok. These insights help us to provide outstanding and forward-thinking strategy services to our clients.