Explained: How to clear your cache on TikTok

June 6, 2022

Why clinging onto that TikTok cache is sooo not chique…

Maybe you’re in crisis mode, panic searching for easy fixes and hacks to reset your glitching TikTok, maybe you already know all about the “cache” phenomenon, and you can’t remember how to go about releasing your app and phone of the bug-like monster which lags and stalls your content and device. OK that was very dramatic of us so keep reading for a recap or if you’re clueless or curious (but please, if you're in panic mode, do us both a favour and just skip to the “How To” section then leave us a lovely comment for our troubles). 

What is cache?

A cache is a metaphysical storage cabinet within your phone and computer’s larder. It hordes data and shortcuts which allows your apps and often-frequented sites to load that much quicker. In theory, once an app or browser’s cache has stored information, your device will have to work less hard in order to re-access it. Both hardware and software store cache and it creates a speedier user-experience. What is cache on TikTok? This is all the shortcuts that have been collected for your TikTok habits specifically. Cache your phone’s sneaky and hidden (according to its etymology) filing unit, as it should be, but for many who aren’t aware it’s there, here’s everything else you need to know about your caches…

Why is it bad? Right, 

OK, but why is it so important to clear it? On the surface, cache is an important tool and we want it to keep doing its thing, so why does it need clearing? What if we just don’t bother? Well, interestingly (and ironically) enough, the exact benefits that caches bring to our devices and apps, can also be brought too far the other way. As is often the case, balance is key – for which the main cure is ritualistically clearing it after a certain time. A clogged cache can slow down your apps performance, especially if it is corrupted – this can cause crashing and glitching. You may also have trouble accessing the most up-to-date versions of your chosen website/app. Whatsmore, a large cache file can take a huge amount of your device’s storage, so if you are deleting pictures of your grandma or clearing your boss’ texts, dangerously close to upgrading your cloud storage or buying a whole new phone, you may not need to quite yet. Going through each app and clearing the cache can save a large chunk of that “unknown” storage file on your phone. In short, too much cache can undo some of the good it does. This goes for TikTok too.

How to clear your TikTok cache? 

Once you are on your TikTok app, head to “Settings” by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of your profile. Now scroll down to “Cache & cellular data” and click “Free up space”. The page will reload and you might not even notice it until you see the mega or even gigabyte count dissipate in front of your eyes. It’s that simple. And satisfying as you realise just how much storage you have freed up.

Step-by-step guide on how to clear your cache on TikTok

How often should you clear your TikTok cache?

The answer to this is often person-specific. If you are encountering any glitching and crashing issues on TikTok, then go ahead and immediately clear your cache, just in case it is related, since no system is perfect and corruptions are a definite possibility. If this does not concern you, then consider your device or cloud storage – if you are clutching to megabytes for dear life, you could clear your cache on TikTok once a month or so – similarly if you are keen on ensuring you are always accessing the absolute latest updates. If these things don’t really apply to you, then you are certainly not obliged to ever clear your cache, as the results are limited in this case, however after two to three months, we’d recommend it as good practice to keep speed up and to maximise the efficiency of your cache. 

keep loading - save a few seconds loading time 

The pros 

So, what does clearing cache actually do on TikTok, right? What does clearing cache mean on TikTok specifically? What benefits does it bring? As highlighted earlier, clearing your TikTok cache can elimite any corruptions which are causing your app to falter and quit; it ensures you’re accessing the newest of the new; and it clears up memory space and can therefore keep your device running quick and smoothly. 

The cons

What are the downfalls to clearing your TikTok cache? Are you losing vital information? Well, just to be clear, the cache on TikTok does not store your seen videos, and anyway you personally cannot access it, so there is little benefit to keeping it, other than saving a few seconds of loading time in app (though it too can paradoxically slow things down if it has amassed over months or even years). The only minor catch is that it is possible you might have to log in once more (though this would be unusual) or have some initial extra loading time the first time you reload your TikTok, other than those rather insubstantial instances, nope. 

In conclusion, clearing your TikTok cache? It works. Lagging, glitching, crashing, low storage, outdated systems – all are great reasons to clear your cache right now. In other circumstances, on a termly basis is fine for most.