How To Delete Drafts On TikTok

March 22, 2022

Spring cleaning. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that our space reflects the way we would like our mindsets to be – clutterless. But we’ve found that this is not talked about enough when it comes to digital clutter, yes that’s right the tens of thousands of photos you have stored in the cloud and the two-hundred-and-eighty-six contacts you never interact with. 

Let’s talk social media. We spring clean our posts, our followers, even our liked content – so why are we so reluctant to clear out our TikTok drafts of all things? It’s true that the TikTok algorithm demands that its offerings hit a very specific and sweet spot, popularity – so for that it has turned many of us into somewhat perfectionists, saving as we go just in case. How many times do we do a challenge before it’s right, how many times do we do a challenge and end up with fifteen saved versions which might be the best one. And then afterwards? Many of us just leave them there. It’s comforting to have options, we get attached, we might need them again one day and we just look fire in that golden hour light.

Don’t get us wrong, drafts are an incredibly useful tool, a quick and easy way to get us making the absolute best content we’re capable of, but why do we keep so many versions of the very same videos we have already posted anyway. Memories? Maybe. But who actually watches back through every draft? Not to be those guys, but Marie has a point – consider, does it bring you joy? 

What’s more, the benefits of having more concise drafts are aplenty. To start with it will make your life a lot easier when going through the actual content you intend to post one day, so it’s a timesaver. When keeping only the best of your drafts you are also ensuring you know exactly what’s in there when you are stuck for new content, or even if God forbid, you lose them with an update or a logging out! There’s nothing worse than not even knowing what you’ve lost. Clearing out your drafts will not only reduce that risk but it therefore will also ease that constant anxiety that it could happen to you, and then you’ve lost not only the drafts but the actual content ideas you will never recreate. 

Tidy drafts, tidy mind. Sorting through your drafts is the perfect excuse to start actually posting them, it might just be the reminder you needed to keep that feed fresh. If you’re not ready to post, save the most important to your device (which although long, is worth considering if it’s a piece of genius your followers just aren’t ready for yet). Say it with us, post, delete or save. As borderline draft hoarders, we know this is the mantra you need and not want. Deletion is always a permanent, hard pill to swallow, but the organized zen that washes over you is worth it.

So, you’re inspired to declutter? Now… How to delete TikTok drafts?

Firstly, get onto them drafts, next click select in the top right corner – now select all of your useless draft(s), and then press the extremely satisfying, red Delete button at the bottom of the screen – which kindly confirms for you how many drafts you are deleting. 

Step-by-step guide showing you how to delete your video drafts on TikTok.

So, that is how to delete a TikTok draft – which TikTok predicament would you like us to address next time? Email us at with suggestions.