How To Calculate Engagement Rate On TikTok

June 15, 2022

A chat on stats.

Translating your social media success into statistics can be a helpful way in which to boast your skills for potential brand deals and influencer partnerships, it’s even helpful if you’re just trying to grow your account and track your development – particularly if you are a fan of a graph. 

Thinking of becoming an influencer? Don’t know where to begin when listing your services online? Well, a great place to start and one of the main pieces of data you are going to need is your engagement rate

What is an engagement rate? In short, it is a statistic which represents the value of your account through the lens of your audience’s engagement with you and your content. Engagement being a broad term for views, likes, comments, follows and shares – in fact any sort of interaction a viewer might have with you, even a duet for example, is considered engagement. But for the sake of your ✨engagement rate✨ these factors are simplified into a basic equation. This equation depends on which platform you are looking at – so don’t forget to adapt it depending on your social media app of preference when advertising your capabilities. 

How to calculate TikTok engagement rate? The formula: 

[(likes + comments + shares) ÷ views] x 100 = engagement %

Wondering how many videos to include in this calculation? You can either do it per video, specifying per brand deal or case study, or take an average for your last ten to twenty most recent pieces of content, if you are not yet at that stage. 

Why is the formula different on, say, Instagram? This is because of differences in what leads your FYP’s content stream. Put simply, whereas followers are key on most social media platforms, the TikTok algorithm has created a content generated platform, which means that your content is not solely rooted in your online social sphere. So, on platforms such as Instagram, views in the calculation are replaced by followers. Slightly overwhelmed? Absolutely loathe maths? Don’t fret, there are lots of online calculators that do all the work for you and across platforms, all you need to do is plug in a name or the numbers (no fussing around with remembering BIDMAS rules either!). For a free, comprehensive engagement rate breakdown of your account visit: We’ve tried and tested for you!

What does a good or bad engagement rate look like? What should you avoid boasting about and what should you be striving for? The first thing you need to know is the standard for a good engagement rate on TikTok tends to be a bit higher than for other platforms, like Instagram, this is mostly because generally good videos do very well on TikTok and you have a much higher potential for virality – that’s how we got so hooked right? So, according to research by Hootsuite anywhere over 4.5% to 18% is a good engagement rate on TikTok. And the great thing about engagement rates is that it's all relative! So you don’t need six million views to be doing well! As long as you are connecting with your niche, you have something to offer an appropriate brand or business. Here is an example of an account with a great engagement rate: Good Boy Ollie has an engagement rate of a whopping 19.93%!


How to improve your engagement rate? Keep your videos to the point, making sure you grab attention from the start and ensure you are tailoring your content for your niche. Still struggling? Book in a consultation with us! 

What other stats are good to have on hand? Quick fire round! Followers, reach, audience profiles. (Make sure you have a business account to make full use of the analytics tools.) 

Why TikTok? TikTok begs for a creativity which other apps do not, whilst coveting the best spot in a businesses' toolbelt as the fastest-growing platform with the most opportunities for successful online marketing, growth and conversion.

Where to post/advertise your influencer services? StarNow is a good one and other such websites, social media agencies, like us 😉 and on the platforms themselves – the best place to advertise your TikToking skills? Why TikTok of course. We just love to get meta with it.

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