How To Duet, Stitch And Reply With A Video on TikTok?

April 26, 2022

Interacting with others online is becoming easier and easier with each passing year, each new Steve Jobs (or more Zuckerberg) and each new platform. The same goes for each new update. In particular, TikTok continues to offer new ways in which you can respond to others’ videos and content, and it’s pretty straightforward once you know how. Currently there are three ways to interact with your community beyond comments and DMs – and what’s more they allow you to feed off of already growing content, so if TikTok had cheats, these would be them! 

What are duets, stitches and video replies on TikTok? 

Use TikTok to the max!

Duetting is when you react to someone’s video or participate in the same challenge as them by making a video which plays simultaneously and side to side with the original. Click here to watch Ed Sheeran duetting a singing video.

Stitching is also when you respond, react or participate in the same challenge as someone, but in this case you select a small portion of their video to play before your own. Click here for a man who’s very curious about some bread.

Replying to comments with a video is when you answer and address a comment or even request in a new video. It’s also often used for stories split in parts, to continue a series or to expand on a concept, here for example, this guy has created a trend for himself analysing lip-biting in movies and the comments always want more. 

Here’s a step by step on how to make a duet, stitch and video reply on TikTok

Step-by-step guide on how to duet, stich and reply on TikTok




Now you know what and how… How do you find the right videos to interact with? 

Here’s how to find duets on TikTok – plus stitches (and not the kind the snitches get):

You might wonder how to see duets on TikTok that are worth your while – luckily for you, the For You Page should be doing a lot of that work for you. Since the underlying goal of any TikToker looking for personal or business success is views and engagement, you will want to be replying to videos that have already gained their own traction, this will provide a launchpad for your own content – this is particularly relevant for duet chains, which are essentially trends that many other users are hopping on. This is where the For You Page demonstrates its genius because it has already tailor made its stream of popular content inspiration for you, for your niche and your interests. If you are a singer, TikTok will already be showing you the best of the singing duets for you to participate in, without any extra research effort on your behalf – which even then, if you have been failed by the FYP,  some simple but effective hashtag searches will do the trick, such as #SingingDuet or if searching for something outside of your usual interests. How to get people to duet you? Make sure to request and ask for a reaction or response, and encourage people to interact with you right off the bat while making sure there is something of value for others to work with, whatever your niche. In this case… make duets, not TikToks.

Stitching tends to be more reactive rather than also interactive, so there is room to spin an obscure video to work for your content type – this works particularly well for humour or opinion based content, but again, even with a wider scope, a lot of the popular content worth responding to should show up on your FYP, or again you can use the search tool to get right to the content you have in mind, which in and of itself will guide the FYP in the right direction moving forward.

A tip for picking comments to reply to? Always pick the most popular requests and the most liked comments because those will show up at the top of the comment section and warrant the most consequential clicks. Keep those replies short and to the point (unless it’s storytime).

P.S. Just by viewing, TikTok should inspire you to TikTok… or duet/stitch. And remember to tailor your settings before you post if you want to allow others to duet and stitch your videos!