Managing Your TikTok Notifications

March 1, 2022

Most of us are keen users of the tools our phones offer in the settings app, particularly when picking and choosing which apps we allow to beep and buzz as they dare to interrupt our days – including the manner in which they do so, be it badge or banner. 

And most of us enjoy TikTok as an entertainment app or as a tool for success in business and won’t complain when notified that we have been sent a funny video or if we need to reply to an urgent question in the comment section, however do we really need to know each time our favorite parrot goes live or every time TikTok thinks it has the perfect video suggestion for us – is that not what the FYP is for?

Luckily for those who know their TikTok, or read our blogs, then they won’t have to deal with this particular predicament. And so lucky for you all ‘cause we’re about to tell you how to get even pickier with it – whilst ensuring you're not missing out on anything major or on witnessing the satisfying growth of your account unfurl before your eyes and your notifications page. 

So, as your resident TikTok experts, we would recommend you get to know your settings page and the entire host of TikTok app functions inside and out, because you firstly you might have saved the time it took you to find us here… and what's more there are many “hidden” features most people don't know, let alone talk about. For example, did you know that you’re able to scroll back through your viewed videos, yes that’s right – not saved or liked but viewed – a feature which comes in very handy when the FYP page does its spontaneous refresh without our wanting it to? Check back soon for a proper How To

Now, where can you change these settings for specific TikTok notifications?

On your profile, hunt down the three horizontal lines on the top right of your screen, click “Settings and privacy” and then “Push notifications” and voila – an all you can eat buffet of notification preferences changed with the slide of a toggle:

Screenshots showing how to manage TikTok notifications