Have you been asking yourself: Should I be on TikTok?

February 1, 2022

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So… should you be on TikTok?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is also yes, and it will take the form of a flowchart quiz because we were feeling nostalgic about the days when we flipped through actual magazines. Nowadays, whether you want to learn something new, have a giggle, find some fashion inspo or even tear up about a kitten — most of us turn to the fastest growing social media channel, TikTok — except this time we all get to write the story. Whether you’re a small business starting out, a big business looking for fresh blood, or an individual who loves to create or ingest content, and whatever your niche — there is something for you on TikTok.

If you’re here, you may be undecided, your friends and/or colleagues have been pestering you for months to get on it, and maybe this post is the little push you needed? Here is why we think you should be on TikTok…

Okay, that was fun, but in all seriousness, boasting a user pool of over 800 million people, TikTok is the future… and people the future is here. TikTok is the most efficient, technological way to encounter organic connections with others, including potential clients, and what’s more, it’s easy. Unlike the grueling process of picking the perfect lighting and angles for photo-based social media like Instagram, the quick bursts of user-generated video content on TikTok can take under five minutes to put together and is often guided by existing trends and challenges. This content has a potential to reach audiences far greater than a followers list on any other platform and driven by this relatable perspective on expression/exposition, your brand (be it as a person or business) becomes immediately more accessible for your now ever-growing target audience. Of all the apps you could want to feature on, TikTok creates the biggest opportunities to go viral, we’re not making this up, ask Forbes. And even if you’re not really into making your own content, and are more interested in interaction and engagement, then let’s be honest, viral content is just better to watch and easier to get involved in. Whether you are a creator or a viewer, TikTok can be endless fun.

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So… back to your question, do you need to be on TikTok? Nah, that’s your choice. But… should you? Hell yeah.

Flowchart to find our whether you should use TikTok.