The Best TikTok Skinfluencers

July 20, 2022

Here at Dimension6, we are firm believers that TikTok is more than just an entertainment app but that it is also a great medium for learning. Whether it’s learning about a culture halfway across the world or discovering hidden universes on our own doorsteps, TikTok gives a voice to specialists and spokespersons of all kinds. In particular, younger generations are uncovering the secrets of skincare for themselves – thanks to guidance hailing from TikTok doctors, dermatologists, aestheticians and skincare enthusiasts. A wide range of skincare know-it-alls exist because skincare belongs in that lovely self-care zone which falls neatly between health and beauty, which allows us to both indulge and pamper ourselves whilst doing our bodies a kindness (if well-informed of course).

We could all do with a skincare routine – be it simple, comprehensive or luxurious. But where to find these Gods and Goddesses of the growing skincare niche you ask? With us darling, of course. We’ve done all the hard work for you and broken it down into two categories. Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, aestheticians and derms) as well as influencers who sort and sift through all of the best products out there to guide us on our own skincare journeys. Whether you’re looking to top up your list or starting from scratch, there is something out there for everybody. Be it the first one or one more skincare expert, you can never have one too many on your follow list, so by selecting and searching for one of the below, you’re doing better than you were a moment ago and you will be doing yourself a favour by following.

Skinfluencer time. The top 10. (We’ve kept this list diverse, from your absolute top and popular skinfluencers, right down to the lesser-known but must-follow accounts which are ready to get real with you.)

Medical profesh (it’s plural like fish)

In at number 1 is @drpremtripathi. Dr. Prem is a facial plastic surgeon and skincare expert. Since starting his account on TikTok, he has amassed over 500K followers in less than a year with his skincare-related content. In his videos he is debunking/demystifying trends, useless products, and things that are a waste of time in the skincare realm. 

In at number 2 is @dermdoctor. With a whopping 14.5 million followers, Dr Shah is the dermatologist who’s also your friend (keep an eye out for discounts). His content consists of reaction videos, educating us on skincare and his hot top tips and recommendations for your skin. 

In at number 3 is @cassandrabankson. Cassandra is your self-proclaimed acne big sister. She is an expert in all things skincare and is a medical aesthetician with ten years of experience. As someone who has had first-hand experience struggling with skin, she is a great find for anyone prone to skin-issues.         

In at number 4 is @skinbydrazi. Dr Azadeh is a board certified dermatologist with heaps of experience in all things skin, of course. She’s up to date with the newest technologies, and guides us to understanding what is safe and what actually works for our bodies/face. As a doctor, she fulfils her duty to keep us informed on cutting-edge skin solutions whilst keeping us healthy.

In at number 5 is @adermatologydoctor. Dr Sarah is exactly as her handle suggests and she gets straight to it. Explaining it so that we understand, she answers many of our day-to-day skincare questions and with one of the most soothing voices in skincare, Sarah’s videos sends us straight to that happy place to get us started on some self-care and pampering.

Skincare enthusiasts 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️

In at number 1 is @james_s_welsh. James is an influencer all about authenticity, who cuts through the cr*p to be honest with his viewers about what real skin looks like. Between speaking out against the use of heavy filters in promotional videos and doling out amazing tips, he also makes you giggle along with his makeup-expert, twin brother Robert. 

In at number 2 is @aprilbasi. April gifts us her unique perspective as a chemist so that we might see skincare through a scientific lens, whilst balancing this with her consumer understanding as a model. If you’re really looking to learn, she’s a fab follow and has great tips for darker skin tones!

In at number 3 is @layallure. Layal is great if you are looking for a variety of skincare routine and beauty tips, especially if you enjoy the side of TikTok which embellishes in its best gimmicks, such as ASMR and hacks. She’s got that satisfying content you won’t want to stop watching – hopefully inspiring you to get in that skincare mood. 

In at number 4 is @hyram. If you have to follow one skincare guru, many will agree when we tell you to go find Hyram. He knows good content and will keep you entertained whilst also informed. If you’re a total skincare newbie, Hyram is a great place to start.

In at number 5 is @missskena. Kena is a great all-rounder, she not only has amazing product recommendations for your face but she will keep you equipped with all the tips you need to keep your entire body clean and ✨glowing✨.

All in all, there are so many great people worth following out there – some are dishing out some of the best skincare secrets and others are there to walk us through the basics, to educate us and inspire us to start or adapt our own skincare routines, whatever that may look like. 

And no matter who you are, there will be a skinfluencer for you. You can’t go wrong by giving the ones listed above a go and starting there, but always remember that you need but search a few keywords on TikTok, whatever route is relevant for your skincare journey, and there will be plenty of content ripe for the picking. What’s more, once the TikTok algorithm has picked up on the fact that you are skincare aware and looking for content as fresh as your face will be, it’ll do its job in bringing that content directly to your FYP. So go out there and hunt for your people – your niche within the niche, they’re there, trust us.  When you are looking for your own skincare gurus however, remember to be somewhat selective and to ensure those you are entrusting to inform your skincare decisions are both trust-worthy and in-the-know because you not only want your routine and products to be effective but safe, both physically and mentally/emotionally since there is such a strong tie between mental well-being and a self-care ritual that works for you.

One more thing: relax! Get in that self-care headspace and whether you’re starting or growing your knowledge in the skincare and skintertainment space, stay safe out there and stick with skincare – it’s worth it. You’re worth it!

TikTok Skincare Influencers